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Waterbox Platinum™ PRO series Professional Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream Reef Aquarium. Our Professional Series Platinum Reef Tanks expand on the Platinum line with much larger full sized systems to give professional reef keepers more options.

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Platinum PRO 170.4/5 Platinum PRO 190.5 Platinum PRO 230.6
Main Features
Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass
Glass Thickness(mm) 15mm(3/5″) 19mm(3/4″) 19mm(3/4″)
Glass Overflow System
Built in surface skimmer
Heavy Duty UV Coated Cabinetry
Integrated Evaporation (ATO) Reservior
System Volumes
Display Water Volume (Gal) 130Gal(492L) 140.7Gal(533L) 168.9Gal(639L)
Sump Water Volume (Gal) 41.8Gal(158L) 45.3Gal(172L) 41.8Gal(158L)
Total System Volume (Gal) 171.7Gal(650L) 182.5Gal(691L) 229.4Gal(868L)
Evaporation (ATO) Reservior Volume (Gal) 5.8Gal(22L) 5.8Gal(22L) External Chamber 18.7Gal(71L)
Display Dimensions
Tank Length (IN) 55″(138.6cm) 60″(153.6cm) 72″(183.6cm)
Tank Width (IN) 26″(65cm) 26″(65cm) 26″(65cm)
Tank Height (IN) 24″(60cm) 24″(60cm) 24″(60cm)
Total Height with Cabinet 60″(152.4cm) 60″(152.4cm) 60″(152.4cm)
Sump Dimensions
Sump Length (IN) 33″(85cm) 36″(85cm) 33″(85cm)
Sump Width (IN) 20″(50cm) 20″(50cm) 20″(50cm)
Sump Height (IN) 16″(40cm) 16″(40cm) 16″(40cm)
Sump Glass Thickness 8mm(1/3″) 8mm(1/3″) 8mm(1/3″)
Evaporation (ATO) Reservior (IN) 9.2″ (23.3cm) x 8.5″(21.59cm) x 15″(38.1cm) 9.2″ (23.3cm) x 8.5″(21.59cm) x 15″(38.1cm) 15″ (38cm) x 20″(50cm) x 16″(40cm)
Technical Details
Water Height in Sump 9″ (23cm) 9″ (23cm) 9″ (23cm)
Skimmer Chamber 15.4″(39.11cm) x 19″(48.26cm) 15.4″(39.11cm) x 19″(48.26cm) 15.4″(39.11cm) x 19″(48.26cm)
Pump Chamber 7.4″(18.7cm) x 10.3″(26.1cm) 10.2″(25.9cm) x 10.3″(26.1cm) 6.2″(15.7cm) x 19.1”(48.5cm)
Recommended Flow Rate(GPH) Pump not included 1700GPH(6500L) *Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors 1800GPH(6800L) *Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors 2100GPH(8000L) *Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors
Special Features
Dual 7″ Filter Sock Chamber
Precision Gate Valve for Overflow Adjustment
Dual Manifold bypass for add on Reactors
Industry First Glass Overflow System
Cabinets by World Renown cabinet maker
Prefabricated Plumbing Kit for easy setup Included
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